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About YCIC

YOGA CIC is an independently regulated Community Interest Company registered in England and Wales (No. 04859621)

Founded in 2010, Yoga Community Interest Company (YCIC - pronounced: Why Kick) is a privately funded, community research and development enterprise dedicated to working within the individual and social dimensions of the online Community of Interest about Yoga, Mindfulness and Wellbeing (YMW) and is the principal organizational sponsor of Garlands.

YCIC’s function is to represent, support, develop and extend the online Community of Interest about YMW by improving the transfer of information between individuals, groups, organisations and larger populations.


YCIC seeks no government or local authority funding or grants from charities, wealthy philanthropists or venture capitalists simply because there are usually strings attached and grave misunderstandings can develop about the direction the organization should be steered, so often without any reference to YMW.

Donations through Garlands go to YOGA CIC, an independently regulated and officially registered community interest company based in England primarily sponsored and supported by individuals and other small organizations.

If you would like to donate to YOGA CIC then please activate the donate button on the right navigation panel.

An Open Company

All funds raised by donation will be used in accordance with our aims.

Announcements and information about projects and finances including accounts, directors pay and benefits will appear on this website for free public scrutiny under this section in due course.

We hope to get around to publishing some information on how you can participate in the growth of the company through taking a small tranche of shares or volunteering either for financial or other rewards. That's all to come.


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